Technology FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding use of Douglas Technology resources 

The first step to trouble shoot any issue with the Chromebook or iPad is to restart the device.  For the iPad perform a hard reset by holding down the power button and home button together until the iPad restarts.  For the Chromebook, don't just logout. After logging out, hold down the power key until the Chromebook shuts down. (Or use the shut down button on the lower left of the screen after logging out) This step will usually clear up a lot of glitches.

How does my child login to their school issued Chromebook?
Every student is given a school email address. You child will use this username and password to login to the Chromebook. If your child does not know their username and password, their teacher should be able to provide it.

We are using the provided username and password but it won't let my child login?
You should send a help desk ticket to [email protected] and tech support will fix any issues with the account and reset the password.

How do I login to Classlink?
On the Chromebooks, the default page that opens is Classlink. (   Click on the Sign in with Google button under the tiger logo. You will login using your gmail username and password. On the iPads, there is a Classlink App. You child will click on the app, if it asks for the School, search for Douglas Public Schools. Look for the icon with the Douglas Tiger Logo. You should only have to search for Douglas the first time. Then login with Google.

The audio is very poor when connecting to a Zoom Meeting from my chromebook.
This is a common issue with Chromebooks and Zoom. There are several step that may help. First make sure that you are on a good WiFi connection. Try closing any other windows that you have open.  Clearing out the Chromebook settings can help. Click Here for directions  
Using the most up to date version of chrome is also helpful. Usually the ChromeOS updates itself but you can try to force an update if it hasn't. Click here for directions.  
You can try uninstalling and re-installing the Zoom App. To uninstall the Zoom app click the three dots icon in the upper right hand corner, when the menu opens click More Tools. Go to extensions and scroll down until you find the Zoom App and remove it. Now Click this link to install the Zoom app. 

When I click on the Zoom Link provided by the teacher, it is taking me to the wrong Zoom.
Try clearing the Chromebook settings. If that doesn't do it, try uninstalling the Zoom App and reinstalling it. See directions above.

My Chromebook won't turn on.
If the Chromebook battery completely discharges, it may not start even if plugged in. If that is the case, leave it plugged in for 30 minutes to get the battery to take a charge and then try turning it on. Sometimes you will have to hold in the power button for up to 1 minute.  If it still won't power turn on, try holding the power button and the reset button at the same time for 30 seconds, then release. If it still won't power on, contact the help desk and we will have to swap it out with a working chromebook.

My Chromebook turns on when it is plugged in but it will not hold a charge even when I leave it plugged in overnight.
This means the battery is no longer functioning and you will need to bring it to the Tech office to have a new battery put in.

How can I clean/sanitize the Chromebook or iPad?
Strong cleaners should not be used to sanitize the devices.  If the device is in a case, disinfecting wipes (NO Bleach) can be used on the case. They should not be used on the screen. If the screen is dirty, a clean microfiber cloth slightly dampened can be used to wipe the screen. To sanitize, an alcohol wipe can be used on the device. The device should be turned off before wiping it down with the alcohol wipe. The alcohol wipe can be used on the screen occasionally, it should not be used on the screen daily.  DO NOT use hand sanitizer as that contains other ingredients that are not good for the screen.
How do I contact the Tech team when I need help?
Send an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to get you back up and working.