Video Conferencing Disclaimer

Douglas Public School Video Conferencing Disclaimer

You are now going to begin a remote learning experience that will utilize video conferencing as part of this lesson. The use of video conferencing requires all students and staff to adhere to the rules contained in our district Acceptable Use Policy. Foremost of these policies is the expectation that all parties will participate in this learning experience in a respectful manner while ensuring that all parties will be respectful of the rights to privacy for all participants of this video activity. All parties need to respect the academic work and personal opinions of all students, staff and teachers involved in this session.  The unauthorized recording of another student or staff member’s voice or image without their consent, is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and may also be subject to disciplinary action from school administration while possibly resulting in a formal report being filed with the Douglas Police Department. The dissemination of any unauthorized recordings from this remote learning experience is also seen as a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and subject to a possible disciplinary response and/or a formal report being filed with the Douglas Police. Therefore, all participants in this remote learning experience and its use of video, agree that they will not save, record, share or post this video session or any photos or audio recording from this video session. Lastly, the rules of the classroom and school building apply to all remote learning experiences. If you or your parents do not agree to these rules, please contact me directly to receive an alternative learning packet, after you have completely disconnected from this session.