Robert Ringuette



Goal 1 - DATA

Specific and Strategic

By June, 2024, 100% of the students will have regular exposure to standardized test questions related to MCAS, AP, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, Seal of Bi-Literacy, WIDA, etc.


Teacher submission of exit tickets, warm-ups, formative assessments, summative assessments, etc.


Actions to follow:

Using data, individual departments will identify standards that are under-represented in their curriculum, based off of recent standardized test results, and use released standardized test questions in multiple forms to address these identified gaps/deficiencies in student learning.

Rigorous, Realistic, and Results-Focused

The goal is rigorous, realistic, and results-focused. It is using data to drive instruction.


By the end of each unit, the High School staff will analyze student progress on the standards based questions and revise strategies as needed. By June of 2024, a final report will be developed noting MTSS tier one strategies used and a plan moving forward.


All students are included in the goal and will be universally exposed.


All students will receive equitable services and instruction based on needs.

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