Food: places for children to get breakfast, lunch and dinner

Many families rely on public schools to provide meals for their children. While schools are closed, various schools and organizations across the U.S. will continue to provide free meals for children during and after school hours at a designated meal distribution center. Food banks are also available to provide food to those in need.

  • To find out if a school is providing meals, as well as schedules for school-based food distribution, check first with the school’s website or office. To find a public school’s website or contact information, visit

  • If the school website or office does not have information about food distribution, check with the school district’s website or social media (e.g., Twitter). To find a school district’s website or contact information, visit this list.

  • Food banks are continuing to distribute food to those in need. To find a local food bank, visit Feeding America.

  • Families having trouble getting in touch with these organizations who are worried about their children missing meals should contact us to get connected to nutritious meals in their area.

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