DHS Mission Statement

Douglas High School offers diverse learning experiences that meet the academic,
social, physical and emotional needs of all students. We provide a safe, supportive and challenging learning
environment in which students may achieve academic success and personal growth.
Decisions are made in the best interest of our students.

Expectations for Student Learning


Academic Expectations

1.The DHS student writes effectively.
2.The DHS student reads with understanding.
3.The DHS student listens actively.
4.The DHS student speaks effectively.
5.The DHS student conducts research using a variety of media.
6.The DHS student thinks critically and solves problems.
7.The DHS student understands the importance of being
physically and emotionally healthy.
8.The DHS student explores the creative process through
the arts, music, drama, and/or technology.


Civic Expectation

1.The DHS student demonstrates citizenship and a commitment to the community.


Social Expectation

1.The DHS student demonstrates integrity, respect, and responsibility.