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Community Resources - Victor Valley High School

Douglas Public Schools Community Resource Guide

St Vincents de Paul- provides temporary relief (housing, utilities, medical) 508-278-2226
United Way - providing help with bills, rent, food 866-211-9966
211 - 24/7 hotline and resource line
Good Samaritan  - (1-877-870-4673)

Community Services Booklet for Douglas Families
Mental Health Resources
2021-2022 Area Counseling Resources
Milford Regional Medical Center - 508-473-1190 
Riverside Community Care - 24 hr hotline for mental health or behavioral issues. 800-294-4665
Call2Talk  - 24/7 hotline
211 - 24/7 hotline and resource line

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If you or a family member are looking for help with mental health or substance use, Care Solace can help you quickly find treatment options matched to your needs regardless of the circumstance. Care Solace is a complimentary and confidential service provided to students, staff, and their families by Douglas Public Schools. Care Solace’s team is available 24/7/365 and can support you in any language.

If you would like to use Care Solace to help you find a provider:

  • Call 888-515-0595 available 24/7/365
  • VisitOptional Disclaimer:
    Information on individual treatment providers was gathered by Care Solace based on criteria such as geographic proximity, whether the provider accepts the authorized user’s insurance, and whether the provider is accepting new patients. The school district does not recommend, endorse, promote, or refer to any of the individual treatment providers. and either search on your own OR click “Book Appointment” for assistance by video chat, email, or phone.